Harbor Lullaby

Harbor Lullaby

For Margaret, Tala, Eileen, Danny, Jackie, Ollie, Simon, and Cece


Little Boy Blue enjoys the lull  

of the push of the brackish lapping —  

rock with the roll of the tidal pull  

of waters licking as he’s napping  


setting of a brilliant sun  

beckons dusk and bedtime breeze  

Mother Harbor dotes her son –  

moonlight blankets little palm trees


Harbor Mother lullabying

harmonizing whisper-winds  

safely soundly sweetly softly  

goodnight kissing baby’s skin  


tidal roll and harbor sway  

gently hushing ending day  

though Mother Harbor stills her babe

Little Boy Blue is still at play  


he blinks his eyes but one last time

the world outside falls fast asleep

the wink of the eye of the Man in the Moon

enlivens a most-merry dream


“Hello, my friend,” says the boy to the moon,  

“I know it’s been a while.”  

“We’ve much to say and much to play,”  

says the moon to the boy with a smile.


"Day may be done and gone be the sun  

and waned has my once-gibbous sight.  

But dreaming incites a celestial fun,  

as lit by my fingernail light." 


mobile twirling  

Milky Way swirling  

Black hole whirling cosmic scene


stellar sailing  

pastel-colored sparkle dream


Little Boy Blue hangs loose from the hook

of his golden-yearing pal  

Little Boy Blue whistles sweet and low

while gallivanting all around 







rompous-rumpus swinging boy

cacophonic singing boy  

oh-so-wild-thinging boy

while the world is sleeping boy


hurly-burling Boy in Blue  

alive and awake in his dreaming  

astronomic spiral flying  

as the world is sleeping 


cradle in the crook to crook

nook to astronomic nook

jungle-gymming star to star

monkey bar to monkey bar  


dangle-dingle from the top of the tip

of the hook on the horn of Capricorn

Little Boy Blue in a meadow of stars

with hours to play before morn  


fingertip painting with silver-blue moonbeams

the slivers do stretch near and far

little boy braiding a moonshadow ribbon

to weave in his bouquet of stars 


smiling Moon Man sprinkles stardust

o’er the tidal sway  

stellar powder spirals softly

blanketing the bay  


gone the sun and day be done  

as heavy eyes finally find rest

Little Boy Blue goodnights the moon

from his boardwalk bassinet 


Loving Harbor lullabying

Doting Mother swaddles him

Mother Harbor kiss-goodnighting

sweetly sighs the Playful Prince

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