Gothic Sky and Greyscale Stone

slinking through a window on a jailbreak after dusk

fleeting moments ticking quick and beating deep & holler

banking fast and sledging hard through skin-thin razors' icy crust

chances disappearing clear as salted snow to muddy water


Zev, don your mantle at twilight


black sheep counts on magic thoughts, syncopationskips of beats, on lacklust’ring beads

frostbit fingers frenzy the midnight blue from the beads of the Star of the Sea

fingers on the hands of time slipping past and vanish fast as salt in boiling water

leather feet rounding the bend at the race of the River Saint Joe


Alpha, give us -- who hunger -- our fill


rouge and youth drained from sunken permafrosted leather face

Justice bates breath to wait for the dawn to melt the virgin snow

Gutterflower - once white as lily - choiceless driven

crimson tears wash the virgin fleece of a bleating sheep in browning snow


Zev, return to the manor by midnight


icy razors tearing crimson tears in once-grey pantaloons

razors slicing crimson fleec-ed legs once white as snow

the beating from the bully earth tears holes in woolen pantaloons

footsteps betting everything on fate and melting snow


Allah, give us -- who have our fill -- hunger for justice

ceaseless spring of absolution -- bitten hand of Abraham

spineless cradle-rock-a-bying -- slighted hand of trusting Son

sleight of hand of Holy Father -- down must go Isaac once and for all


Mea Culpa


rapid river lapping licks

anaesthetize tectonic bone

specious clouds hung low and churning

gothic sky and greyscale stone


Abba, we have provided that which you seek


totter teeter recklessness

tempt the yawning precipice

cross the blessed wet abyss

on the spine of a bridge much too small for this


Mea Culpa


fool her once upon lily heart

shame on you and you and you

once bitten, now charred

a burning heart of vengeful Ewe


Omega, had we any more to offer, we'd willingly sacrifice


cross Her twice and hope to die

smiting from a vengeful Ewe

twice you shy from eternal life

lonely brimstone bowels for you


Mea maxima culpa


fail you to fool the Old Father but once

he will doff his wool hat and bless your cheap dunce

failure to fool the young Son Spot but twain

his moonshadow curtsies start melting to rain

Hocus and Pocus the Spirit wrong thrice

said lunar raindrops will crystal to ice


stardust and whispers are skeleton keys


skeleton keys whose turns and twists

unlock thrice before half-past aeternum

skeleton keys whose twists of fate

cast double-down lots for twice the purse

skeleton keys whose ticks of time

land blunt between pips before the price falls

a price never too high for defiant in will

the price falleth but once and it falleth for all


Cross-stitch needle cannot sew

the tears in bleeding fleece

of Magdalene soul once lily white

to wipe weeping tears of a bleating sheep



Father Time exits

and tips his cap

lupine shadow

breaks back in

breaks back in

in black and white

in to a prison

in black and white

in to a prison

a prison that stole

stole from a prisoner

prisoner framed

returned now to claim his rightful coffers


a fortune has he marshaled out

from behind double doors

behind other double doors

behind padlocks & deadbolts & other double doors


he claims the Manor -- Manor once chained

renames the Manor -- Manor reclaimed

at a front gate -- gate made of brick

brick from the lake -- lake of same name as said river


trumpeter trumpeteering

water washing crunching bone

bloody swatching gothic sky

crimson staining greyscale stone

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