Crying ‘neath the umbra of Venite ad Me Omnes

Cold below the golden gleam called Tender, Strong, and True

Life alone and Sweetness peppered, Hope is all but hidden

Silent stillness too unnerving not to think of You

You to whom things come so simple

stern and stolid, dressed in Blues

crowning emblem of my psyche

Hero-Monster: hear me, You!

Still and silent, stone-faced Lady -- someone stole your shiny crown

I don't feel like dancing, either -- how contagious is thy frown

Mother Mary, Mother Mary please come down

Madness violent, mind unquiet -- if you don't I'll shoot you down


They found your crown and boxed it up and put it in a glass display

Learning lessons from a Snowman after he done ran away

How I'd love to smash that glass with Ol' Saint Peter's Rusty Mitre

Snatch your Tophat, make you tapdance, light your Golden Globe on fire!

Dance! Dance!

Vacuum shadow in a snowglobe

like a bubble o'er Lakes Two

Statues frozen grey and lifeless

Hero-Monster: hear me, You!

If your Turtlewax worked for me,

how I'd have such shiny shoes!

Then you could run a mile in mine –

hell, why not 26.2?

Bitter dreams of flying machines

come back to life when I'm with you

Monster's heartbreak - yearn for back-take

Arlington tears would’ve made you human, too.

Visions smattered, glass case shattered in pieces on the ground

Would you, could you clutch my hand that I might claim my Lady's crown?

Seeds of strength in hands and back

are drowned in holy water

courage to climb and CROWN MY QUEEN

sown by YOU, my Hero-Monster.

Descend your scaffold, Statue-Lady

Believe in me, my Hero-Monster.

Frozenness yea, though it linger,

shall not linger any longer! 

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