A Poem for Tala

Me and Lady Harbor let the tide slip away

Revealing her hands entwined in my hands – intertwined in her

Safe and sound and sweet and soft beneath the whip of my flags three

Hello Carolopolis, Carolina, My Country 'Tis of Thee


Quiet under cover of yet another deep blue night

Threads of silk in a sateen sky dimming the gibbous light

Five tap-dancing fingers piano your prickly spine

Up and down and down and up again, a silly rhythm in our mind


Your baby's breath breeze billows a sojourner's breast

baby's breath breathing good tidings who beckon me home-sweet-home

baby's breath healing my sin-sick soul

at last, at once, for all


 You are a palmetto, i catch you pom-pomming my sky

Tippy-toes hardly anchored in the wharf, muddy wharf

Nestled somewhere halfway up a South Atlantic Coast

Brackish muddy water never felt so warm


These toes of mine so tickled by the prickles of the fingers

Of a tidepool who decided to stick around a while and play

stick around after the sheets o'er me and my beloved Lady Harbor

Up, done slipped and slid away


The tidepool ripples in our too-tiny bed

The surface sparkles ever-silver

And I shall sing now to to thee

My beloved Lady Harbor intertwined in me

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